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Earthwise Pet Supply

1955 Wentzville Parkway, Wentzville, MO 63385
Total Square footage: 3,506 sf
Completed: 2017
Client: John Jamrock
Contractor: Eschelon Construction
Interior Design: Idea Architects

project blueprint

This space was previously a tanning salon and the only thing that remained from the previous tenant buildout was the exposed grey painted metal deck and bar joists which carry the roof structure above and the two restrooms in the rear of the former tanning salon space.

From day one, our client, John Jamrock expressed a strong desire to have his new store be a couple steps above any of the other stores. We worked with John to develop a workable space plan re-using the existing bathrooms and incorporating the existing grey exposed ceiling structure into the design. We proposed creating a series of multi colored overlapping ceiling clouds which helped to create a playful and visually exciting shopping experience.

Another goal was to emphasize the natural aspect of Earthwise’s mission by creating a unique point of sale counter. Different wood species, colors and textures were used to construct the counter. We used reclaimed wood in front of the counter and specified a walnut butcher block waterfall edge with a backlit logo recessed into the face of the waterfall to create a unique POS countertop.